The Mississippi Boychoir exists because of its generous donors.  Tuition only funds approximately 35% of the annual budget of the Boychoir; the remaining two-thirds comes from grants from the Mississippi Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, grants from private foundations and corporations, and donations from individuals interested in the musical education of young men.

There are LOTS of ways you can support Mississippi Boychoir!

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Michael Bufkin was a young man who possessed all the marks of a good leader.  He was a charter member of our Jackson Division and was like a cheerleader as the choir worked toward a goal – he lifted the spirits of his fellow choirboys and encouraged them to do their best.  After his accidental death in the fall of 2001, the choir’s scholarship fund was named in his memory. 

We invite you to make a gift to the Michael Bufkin Scholarship Fund.  In so doing, you will help make the Mississippi Boychoir an option for boys who qualify for membership in the choir but whose families don’t have the financial resources necessary to pay choir expenses.  It’s a gift that could make all the difference in the life of a talented boy!

Full scholarship = $1,000     *     Half scholarship = $500

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Seraphim = $10,000+
Cherubim = $5,000 – $9,999
Archangel = $1,000 – $4,999
Angel = $500 – $999
Saint = $100 – $499
Friend = up to $99


SERAPHIM ($10,000+)

Community Foundation of Greater Jackson
Mississippi Arts Commission

CHERUBIM ($1000 – $4999)  
Alex & Sara Jane Alston, Breast Care Clinic of Jackson, Butler Snow, CSpire, Mr. & Mrs. Don Barrett, Diane Blankenhorn,  Dr. John Bower, Covenant Presbyterian Church (Jackson), Entergy, Field Co-operative Association, Mr. & Mrs. William R. James, Mrs. Harriet Kuykendall, Jackson Heart Clinic, Sally and Dick Molpus Foundation, Richard Schwartz & Associates

ANGELS ($100 – $999)  
Mrs. Martha Jean Alford, Mr. & Mrs. David Anderson, Ms. Kathryn Bibb, Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cherney, Mr. Steve Clayton, Mrs. Tracey Curtis, Mr. Tony Davis, Mrs. Joyce Dortch, Dr. Edgar Draper, Mr. R. Mark Fields, Mr. & Mrs. James B. Furrh, Mr. Roy Furrh, Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Good, Mr. & Mrs. Newt P. Harrison, Mr. Stuart M. Irby, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. James H. King, Mr. Malcolm McMillin, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Moore, Dr. & Mrs. Elmer J. Nix, Maj. & Mrs. Clark L. Remsburg, Mr. Julius M. Ridgeway, Mrs. Helen Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Rozman, Mrs. Dian Smith Parkinson, Mrs. Kathryn Wiener

SAINTS (up to $99)  
Mrs. Lanise Aultman, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Aust, Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Ayres, Mrs. Richard L. Blount, Mrs. Frances Braswell, Ms. Elizabeth Brock, Ms. Yvonne Brooks, Ms. Sylvia Carraway, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Carter, Ms. Linda Chase, Ms. Shirley Geary, Mrs. Don Gorton, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hale, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil W. Harper, Mrs. Bobbye Henley, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Jabaley, Mrs. Betty Jacobs, Mr. Edwin King, Mr. Auburn C. Lambeth, Mr. John W. Lange, Dr. Raymond Martin, Ms. Bernice Mitchell, Mrs. Donald Mizell, Mrs. Jolynda Moorer, Mrs. Martha Odom, Mr. John J. Purvis, Dr. S. Everett Rushing, Mrs. Betty H. Quinn, Ms. Monica Schroeder, Mr. & Mrs. Julius T. Simmons, Dr. Doug Starr, Mrs. Carol Swilley, Mr. Lelon Thompson, Mr. Louis H. Watson, Dr. William Lamar Weems, Ms. Marianne West, Ms. Jeannie Williford, Ms. Carolyn Wilson-Smith

Ms. Michele Baker, Greg Campbell Photography, Mrs. Rita Carter, Mr. Steve Clayton, Fondren Presbyterian Church (Jackson), Mrs. Betty Jacobs, Mr. Hutch McClendon, Parkway United Methodist Church (Hattiesburg), Mrs. Margaret Purnell, Maj. & Mrs. Clark L. Remsburg, Mr. Lelon Thompson, Dr. & Mrs. James Warnock

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Donate Today!

Mississippi Boychoir is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  All donations to Mississippi Boychoir are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Please see a tax professional for details.  We accept cash, check, money orders, and credit cards via Square (convenience fees may apply).  Please ask for information about including Mississippi Boychoir in your estate planning.

Mississippi Boychoir, P. O. Box 16395, Jackson, MS  39236   *