2018-2019 marks the 24th Season of Mississippi, but the Boychoir tradition began fifteen centuries ago with boys singing in the great cathedrals of western Europe.  In the last twenty years, hundreds of musically talented young men have worked to develop vocal techniques, self-discipline, learn music in a variety of styles, and have fun singing!

Your Mississippi Boychoir has given its audiences unforgettable experiences that connect them with this 1,500-year-old boychoir tradition. 

CORE VALUES held by the Mississippi Boychoir:

  • Singing is basic to communication and enriches Mississippi’s community life.

  • Excellence in performance creates self-esteem and provides training for leadership.

  • Respect for others is essential for a successful community.

  • Early training in choir helps boys as adults to participate in the cultural life of communities.

Belief in these CORE VALUES creates a MISSION for the MBC to:

  • Identify boys with natural talent for singing, regardless of economic status, race, or previous vocal training

  • Provide boys with excellent training in musicianship

  • Enhance boys’ personal growth by requiring them to accept responsibility, develop self-discipline, and have respect for others

  • Schedule boys to perform in a variety of venues to showcase their talents and to broaden their horizons

  • Represent Mississippi inside and outside the state

Ezra Wall, President
Sherry Castle Boyer, Vice President
Robert Vinson, Treasurer
Danny McHale, Secretary
Hope Brannan
Kimberly D. Griffin
Jeff Klingfuss
Tara Washington
Amile Wilson
Laura Blackmon, Parent Association President
Judy Nussbaum, Vicksburg Parent Representative
Sandra Hollins, Jackson Parent Representative

Nancy Robertson, Artistic Director
Caryn Womack, Assistant Director
Rosanne Jorgenson Smith, Concert Accompanist
Jennifer Tillotson, Vicksburg Accompanist


Nancy Robertson is a Vicksburg-based music educator who is currently the Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist for Vicksburg Warren School District and Director of Choral Activities at Warren Central High School. She was named Outstanding Music Educator of the Year (2015) by the National Association of High School Music Directors (NHSAA) and received the prestigious Ernestine Ferrell Award for Excellence in Choral Music in Mississippi in 2013. Her choirs have been featured at the MHSAA convention, the Nashville Heritage Festival, San Antonio Heritage Festival, Festival Disney and have performed in national choral competitions, earning top honors.
Mrs. Robertson, originally from Mobile, AL, received both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in K-12 Music Education from the University of Southern Mississippi.



Mississippi owes a debt of gratitude to founding director Margaret Ewing Thomas, who envisioned and created Mississippi Boychoir in 1995.
Ms. Thomas holds degrees with Honors from Copiah-Lincoln Community College and Millsaps College, a Master of Arts in Music Education from William Carey College, and Level I Orff Certification from University of Memphis. She is a member of American Choral Director's Association (ACDA) and has taught vocal music at all age levels in schools, churches, and her private studio.  She resides in Hattiesburg.